Agile HealthCheck

What is it?

Agile HealthCheck (or review) is a quick analysis of the current Agile operation status, resulting with a high level recommendations for improvement. It gives our customers the ability to understand the high level picture better, and decide if to further continue with a more deeper analysis, or to go on with asking for an improvement plan on specific targeted areas/domains with our support.


Typically Run -

Typically the Agile HealthCheck is running for about 3 (three) days of on-site with interviews and exercises done with the development team (Dev, Test, Architecture and SM) and other stakeholders (like PO, BA, etc). For large number of teams (above 2), it is typically that we focus on a subset of representing teams (within a product), and progress to other teams over time (that health-check takes more time).


HealthCheck Final Report -

For a regular HealthCheck, the final report is delivered one or two weeks after the review.

The final report includes indicators and factors to consider for improvement, for maturing the agile team/s, and for increasing the benefits of its outcomes.


Note: the review does not compare between teams, but between how a team performs, to how it can perform more effectively.

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