Agile Transformation (transition and Operation)


Transforming into an Agile framework, is something many companies are considering, and other companies have already done so, but are suffering from accumulating challenges and degradation in the benefits that were expected in the beginning, and usually the teams/operation is drifting apart from what was started to be a good agile implementation.

In these situations, we can join in and support a successful agile implementation.


Just Starting up –

We shall evaluate the current situation of operation, and business challenges, and what are the drivers for going agile. We will analyze the situation with the customer and decide on which agile framework will fit the most the business and engineering alike.

We would then prepare an agile transition and transformation plan, together with key stakeholders within the customer project/products, and support its implementation.

Typically, this will be done in a phased approach, to eliminate risk, accumulate success within the teams, and have management get the right feedback from the improvement process.


Drifted apart, want to improve & enhance –

We shall perform a short gap analysis of the current agile implementation situation, evaluate the challenges with in few domains: team, roles, ceremonies, operation, continuous integration, tools, skills, internal and external interfaces, communication and feedback, etc. and develop an improvement plan that fit “developing the business” and “running the business” aspects.

We will support the implementation, and adjust as things develop…after all, we are agile!

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