Mr. Alon Linetzki, Founder and CEO of QualityWize, spoke at the QS-TAG, quality assurance and testing conference in Nuremberg Germany. The conference is one of the most successful conferences in last years in Germany, and in Europe, and although aimed mostly to the local market, attracts people from USA and other countries in Europe.

Mr. Linetzki spoke about Optimizing Test Design Using Tools, a hands on short workshop session that described a few optimizing methods, based on his experience in various projects, and included implementation demo and exercises practice using tools installed on the participant’s laptops (tools were given freely at the conference).

One of the most effort intensive tasks of test engineers is test design, and Mr. Linetzki has shown how we can smartly, optimize the number of test cases, and choose them based on lowering the risk, while lowering them in quantity. About 50 people at the workshop, gave feedback it was very pragmatic, and in the right level of interest and knowledge they have wanted to see.

The short session was a part of the 1-2 days’ workshop, running via QualityWize - see more here.




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