Ask The Expert...

Ask The Expert...

Your immediate, short, second opinion consultation service


We are expanding our services, allowing companies to have a second opinion with our expert about important topics.

Thus, we are happy to announce the “Ask The Expert” service, where you can talk to our expert, consulting about burning questions you might have, having a second opinion regarding a professional topic, or wanting to check you are in the right direction with an initiative, a document, a process or coaching session you might need. It might be 1 hour, or a few hours - as you require.

Examples we had in the past:

- Q: A test manager called in: 'We are developing a web-based platform, for hospitals, and are seeking a test automation tool. Can you recommend one?'

- A: We have discussed the technical platform and technology, and recommended the company to pilot 2-3 tools that we know for test automation for the website. We have also recommended a list of things to consider, when initiating such test automation projects.

- Q: A test manager of a Telecom company, asked us about test design techniques, explaining the complexity they have with many parameters and values, and rules or dependencies. 

- A: We have shortly analyzed the complexity of the problem, and suggested 2 main test design techniques, one also supported by a tool (open source), and offered training is needed.

- Q: A test designer called, from an Audio/Video company, asking us to review his specification document, and guide him on extracting test scenarios, and also help him do that with his team members.

- A: We have shortly reviewed/analyzed the document, suggested guidelines for breaking down test cases, and sent a few slides explaining the cognitive way and process, for doing so (He continued by himself from that point onwards, further developing the presentation for his team).

- Q: A test team lead called, asked to consult about how detailed their test cases should be.

- A: We have discussed their situation, employee’s retention, product complexity, and more factors, and suggested our advice on a mix approach. We have also sent a few slides explaining the reasoning behind the approach, and the benefits of it.


The process of asking our assistance is very simple:

1) Place a request with your details and need to (“Ask the expert” call request),

2) We will reach out to you, and figure out what are your immediate needs,

3) Finish up payment.

And you are done!


We will hook you up with the expert for your short consultation...


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