In 18-19 October 2018, Alon Linetzki is invited to give a workshop at QS TAG, Germany. The conference theme is "Continous Everything!".

The workshop will focus on "Continuous Everything done in team collaboration":

The main and most challenging factor for all projects has always been - people. How the team is performing? how well they are communicating with each other? how fast they resolve problems together? and more. These, transformed into skills, are essential in running a continuous integration and continous delivery within agile teams, and are critical to the sucees of any project.

In the workshop, Alon Linetzki will perform a group dynamics game to simulate such team work, showing communication challenges, team grouping, shaping and suceeding capabilities for the participants to understand and use in their designated projects for enhancing their continous integration.

Key points:

  • Team Roles & their impact
  • One impacts All...All impacts one...
  • Group Dynamics for High Performance Teams
  • Communication Types, Challenges, skills and capabilities

Dont miss this great conference and workshop!


Alon Linetzki


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