Measurements & metric program

As SW development professionals (test and dev alike), we are faced with critical decisions we have to make along the life cycle. From choosing the right development and test strategy & approach, estimating the right amount of effort and budget, deciding if to add more test execution (cycle), if to use TDD, if to decide what is the real quality of the system now, and more.


Many of the organizations today, are not measuring their operation (different aspects) enough. This fact is published in a few researches we have. Without proper measurements, we cannot control or manage the process and operation. We do not know 'where we are', or how far we are from the required and desired outcome.

developing a measurements and metrics program (small as 5-8 metrics, to a huge one with over 15 or 20 - depending on the organization and other parameters), is becoming essential to the project and organization. The need for visualization, reporting, monitoring and control is eminent, and the need for quick feedback by the different management levels is getting higher and more demanding.

We at QualityWize, believe that measurements and metrics are an excellent tool for all levels to know where they are (baseline), assist in defining where we want to go to, how long is that going to take, how to plan better and deliver faster and more. In short, we should be able to make good quality decisions, derived from the measurements and metrics we collect, and use.


Measurements and Metrics Program

We would typically analyze the processes, tools and information flow, we would evaluate the relevant information used for reporting, analysis, and making decisions, and suggest a list of which measurements and metrics to collect (quality, operational, testing, development, other), how to manage them, how to report them, and how to get good quality decisions using them for long period of time (they do change in time...).


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