Practical Risk Based Testing

1-2 days Manager, QA, Engineer
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This workshop provides test leaders and testing managers with the main definitions, ideas, processes and tools they will need in order to exercise risk based testing in their projects and organizations.

This workshop covers the major concepts of risk based testing and risk management. During the workshop, the methodology behind RBT will be discussed, examples and excel tool templates will be provided to assist participants in their day to day work.

The risk based testing process is presented through theory, examples, discussions and  (when relevant) exercises that are focused on risk based testing Identification, Selection & Planning – on one hand, and Mitigating, Tracking and Controlling – on the other hand.



This workshop is intended for professionals who deal with managing risks for the testing group. Among them are:

  • Experiences Test engineers
  • Test Team Leaders
  • Test Managers
  • Quality Officers/Engineers/managers

Learning Objectives

Through presentation, discussion, and examples, participants will learn to:

  • Understand the concepts of Risk Management
  • Describe Risk Based Testing principals
  • Understand what Risk language propose in day to day life, and why should we talk like that
  • Define where Risk Based Testing can assist in the testing life cycle
  • Learn how to define Risk Analysis for the different testing topics (EXCEL tool is presented)
  • Discuss test planning strategy issues in regards to Risk Based Testing
  • Discuss test execution strategy issues and Risk Based Testing


Real life Case study will be presented and reports and graphs will be discussed based on that Case study.


This is not an introductory course. Participants should be familiar with/have knowledge on:

  • Testing basic concepts
  • Testing main processes
  • Testing lifecycle
  • Defect management principals
  • Test requirements basics
  • General knowledge of testing measurements

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Mr. Alon Linetzki - is a veteran software engineer, a testing expert, coach and consultant with over 33 years in software engineering, quality assurance and testing. During his career, Mr. Linetzki have participated and managed various types of development projects and testing projects with a large range of technologies, size and sector domain orientation from telecommunication and finance, to banking and embedded systems.

He is the author of multiple testing classes, a popular speaker in international testing conferences since 1995.

He is the co-founder of the Israeli Testing Certification Board (, and the founder and chair of SIGiST Israel ( He is leading the ISTQB® Partner Program worldwide as part of the marketing working group. Recently Mr. Linetzki was elected to be the ISTQB® Marketing working group Chair. He is also one of the authors of the new ISTQB® Foundation Level Agile Tester Certification, and continues to be co-author of the ISQTB® Technical Agile Tester.


  • Introduction
  • Major Objectives of a Project
  • Risk Types
  • Software Projects and Risk
  • The Experts on Risk
  • How does Risk help us - testers?
  • The New Language of Risk
  • Risk Based Testing – Running Out of Time
  • ‘Good Enough’ Approach for a Product Release
  • Contribution of Testing to Release Manager Decision
  • 'How good is Our Testing?'
  • Risk Base Testing and Quality Metrics
  • Project Best Practices – Integration Testing
  • Case Study #1 – presentation and discussion
  • Principals of Risk Management Process
    • Identification
    • Selection & Planning
    • Mitigation, Tracking and Control
  • Knowledge Risks – what is the exposure of your team
  • Technical risks – environments are a big issue…
  • Risks Reporting – how to pass the message across in the boardroom…
  • Case Study #2 – presentation and discussion
  • Risks in Agile Environments
  • Restrospective