In October 2018, Alon Linetzki is invited to give a keynote at the TAPOST 2018 conference in Riga Latvia.

the conference theme is "The Ultimate Test Automation", and Alon is going to give a keynote on: "The Road to Hell and Back – Patterns in Test Automation Project Failure & Recovery":

One of the most common stories about test automation at companies is that testers in the team start creating test automation project in a very small scale, and with time, evolving it, growing it, patching it, and… failing the project.

In the presentation, Alon will discuss the steps of evolution for that common failing story, and propose a set of indicators (“traffic lights”), course-change options (“exit points”) and mitigations (“rescue guidelines”), that can be used by test managers and test engineers to steer clear from the pitfalls of a runaway automation project.


Dont miss this session!


Alon Linetzki


Test Automation

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