SIGiST Conference 2016

The Israeli Testing Forum Annual Conference

Alon Linetzki 2,958

As usual, SIGiST Israel is opening its doors for another exciting set of presentations and tutorials. This time, the International Guest is Mr. Richard Bender (USA), who is the spiritual father of RBT - Requirements Based Testing.

Richard is going to give a tutorial on Finding Ambiguities in Requirements (1 day), and his Requirements-Based Testing (2 days) - 12-14 September. On top of that Richard is going to give a keynote, in the opening panel of the conference on the 15th September.

Finding Ambiguities in Requirements:

The course is a process-oriented class that provides a powerful, yet practical method for ensuring that specifications are clear, concise and unambiguous. This course also teaches students to ensure that requirements are written to a level of detail required to produce a sufficient set of test cases to validate the system's functionality.

The level of detail required for testing does not add anything unique to the standard for developing requirements specifications. This same level of detail is needed by all project team members who need to validate that all requirements are being addressed.

Students will learn how to identify ambiguities in specifications, the ambiguity review process and how to apply the course concepts when reviewing specifications in any format.

Requirements-Based Testing:

The Requirements-Based Testing (RBT) course is a  process-oriented class that provides students with a set of practical, yet rigorous techniques for testing the requirements to ensure that they are complete, consistent, accurate and unambiguous. Students will also learn how to design a necessary and sufficient set of test cases to validate that the design and code fully implement all of the functional requirements.


On top of the tutorial days, there is a 1 day track session's day, with various presentations from: Cyber, to Test Automation, Test Design optimization (mine...), and other topics.

Check it out....and register.


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