Test Design optimization


In any given sw product development, we are required to do what is called a “min-max”: getting the most coverage, with as minimal number of test cases and scenarios covering risky and important aspects of the product at that point/release.

There are methods we can use to do just that, and we can use tools for supporting us in the process as well.

Mostly this is important for manual test cases and scenarios, but even in test automation repository, which are driven from manual test design, this has been found to be highly important to be implemented.


How do we get into the picture –

We offer analyzing the way the project writes test cases (testers and/or developers), using the project’s technical specifications, and suggest a process or a framework of optimization to allow the project to optimize their tests. We usually introduce optimization tools (some open source and free), for leveraging the optimization, and support implementing them and introducing them to the teams and managers.

The solution involves the testing group, sometimes development engineers (if they are involved in writing tests), and product management for decision making where necessary.

The use of lean documented test design may also be relevant for this solution, and we recommend using those patterns alongside with the optimization process to allow low maintenance, flexibility and ease of use.

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