Test Management & Optimization

Test Management is often taken as an easy task - managing a lot of tests to cover the product release. That is, of course, far from the truth. a Test Management task is complex, demanding, and needs a lot of thinking, creativity and professionalism.

a test manager is required to manage a budget, people, tools, test automation, lead the team, communicate feedback to management, plan carefully, take care of risks coverage, make sure a min-max test design is produced, handle many platforms as product is released to, handle complex testing tools, making sure test automation is implemented in the right way (low maintenance, etc.), professionally develop it's team's skills and capabilities, monitor results and report wisely, and more.


How Can we Help?

We would typically analyze the testing operational environment, the product demands, risks involved, tools involved, and team skills available. Reflect those to the test manager or director, prioritize together, and build an actionable work plan to leverage and enhance the test management operation, governance, and use of resources (people and other means), budget, lifecycle, metrics and measurements, test design - all to ensure that the whole operation is optimized.

We would recommend - where necessary - process changes, tools change, and skills required, and new interfaces built plus, recommend and support implementation of new methods for flexible test planning, design and test management to prepare the project to be able to cope with changes in a dynamic environment.

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