Working with distributed teams

What is the challenge –

Working with distributed teams, some off-shore, some near-shore or on-shore, is a challenging task to do. Agile frameworks specifically guide us and suggest we work co-located, and for a good reason: it is better to be able to ask quick questions, have quick feedback, and avoid the (sometimes…) end-less ping-pong of emails or asynchronous, disrupted phone calls or conference call.

How to define and adjust our operation to allow this to happen? How can we still get the benefits while working with low-cost model locations and manpower? How should we change or define our processes to keep working as if the distant team/members where co-located? What effort and cost is hidden in this operation? Which tools should we use to make this happen? How should we manage this operation? and more – are just a few of the questions and aspects a company should consider when going into working with distributed team/s.


How can we help -

We would typically evaluate the challenges ahead, based on the needs of the company and customer, taking into account both business, HR, engineering and other stakeholders in mind, and suggest a plan for setting this operation up in a successful way.

We would define measurements, metrics, operation procedures, processes, tools and other important aspects that would help such operation to succeed, and support their implementation.

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